About Us

Since 1998 Medical Communications Sp. z o.o. has been bringing the latest knowledge in the field of clinical practice and its theoretical basis to the medical community in Poland. We broaden our offer and adapt it to the Clients’ needs on regular basis. This is done through the transplantation of the best publishing practices into our ground. Not only do we educate or initiate innovative projects, but also drive progress in medicine by handing over professional tools of communication with specialists all over the world to the scientific community. These include journals inspired from top-notch international publications, books and websites. Our journals have become a platform of exchange of experience – we promote the achievements of Polish scientists and make them renowned worldwide. We channel communication between key opinion leaders and authorities both in narrow and broad specialisation. A number of cooperating doctors, healthcare managers and scientific associations have trusted our professionalism. We put stress on the usability of the content we provide, promoting both the evidence-based medicine and the medical information that is useful in everyday practice.

We are a well-established and reliable partner of the pharmaceutical sector, a link between the sector and medical practitioners. Our insight in the market and the marketing support mechanisms is deep. Understanding that the condition of healthcare in Poland is dependent on cooperation at many levels, we facilitate, unify and consolidate it. We organize conferences, educational schemes and social activities. We would like to see all of the interested parties, namely patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies benefitting of our effort.